Monday, February 21, 2011

A fork in the road

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My son Anthony's hobby while in college was photography. He loved it.
So, when Anthony graduated college last year with degree in Molecular Biology, we were not all that surprised that he wanted to follow his love and give photography a try (full time)
He is now working as a freelance photographer for a few truck/car magazines and he loves his job.
We could not be more proud of's to following your dreams.


Regina said...

Congratulations on having such an accomplised son, a degree in Molecular Biology and then going on to do what he loves best and doing it very well too. Wonderful!
I also have two questions of you, one - can I use your picture of snow and trees in your previous blog in a blog posting that I am planning? Living in FL such scenes are hard to come by that I can use.
Second, love the little red heart with the lampwork bail. I am looking for two such hearts, could I have another one made, if so how long would it take? and then one more question, if I asked for two pink hearts instead of the red, would that be something you could make fairly soon? Thank you.

Lori~Studio Waterstone said...

I so agree! (not to mention he has that great degree to fall back on) So glad he's able to do this, that he's doing it when he's young, and that he's succeeding! Congrats!!!

Maria said...

Yes, I believe going to work everyday, doing what you love is far better than going to work only to look forward for Friday to that is sad.

Doodle741 said...

HOW FUN!!! Congratulations, Anthony!!

Debbie said...

Congratulations to Anthony! I can tell you're one proud momma, and you should be. I love looking at his pictures when you post them. He's good!!

Judy in Carefree said...

Good for Anthony! So glad he's doing what he loves and he has his degree as a backup...perfect!