Monday, August 4, 2008

Monkeying around

What a fun weekend! We headed to the zoo. My favorite place. Although this little guy above looks a little sad, the moment before this picture was taken he was having a fun time"swinging" with this friends. I think he got bored and decided we looked more interesting??

(photo by Anthony)

We also got to feed the giraffes (that's my hand) Their tongues feel somewhat like a cats tongue, but much larger!

I've had such fun reading all the comments you guys are leaving. Thank you for the nice words...
You guys are the best! I really mean that...

Today I have some new beads going on Esty. What time will I be putting the beads up? Each day will be different. So everyone who lives in different time zones or has to work (outside the home) or just not on the computer all day, can still see them. Here's a little teaser picture of my new "Dog Paddle" bead...

Have a great Monday!